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Tomeka Roberts M.D.
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Being intimate with her partner is something that a woman typically wants to do freely. Disruption of sexual intimacy can cause emotional distress and put unnecessary strain on a relationship. Sexual function is an aspect that can be affected by various factors, and may occur at any time in a woman's life. Occasional problems in the lovemaking department are typically nothing to worry about. Persistent issues, however, should be dealt with in order to avoid conflict or self-blame.

You should not feel anxiety over:
  • A waning desire to have sex, or no desire at all.
  • The inability to become aroused in spite of desire, or to maintain arousal during sex.
  • The inability to reach orgasm.
  • Painful intercourse.
These symptoms may be a signal of some type of female sexual dysfunction. Causes are varied, often linked to fluctuations in hormones that occur after pregnancy and childbirth or throughout perimenopause and menopause. The sex drive or function may also be impacted if a disease process is present, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer.

Sexual dysfunction should not come between you and your partner. Treatment is available in our compassionate, experienced practice. Working with your empathetic gynecologist, underlying causes can be addressed and proper treatment provided. In a consultation for sexual dysfunction, we will seek to determine if issues are caused by common factors such as:
  • Psychological or social upset. One's emotional and intellectual capacity plays a role in sexual capability, with everything from anxiety to depression impacting this area of life. Putting pressure on yourself to feel or behave in a specific way can worsen sexual dysfunction. We encourage patients to remain calm and communicate openly with one another in the instance of sexual dysfunction.
  • Hormonal fluctuations, which occur at different times in a woman's life, have a direct impact on sexual desire, reproductive tissues, natural lubrication, and sensitivity.
  • Physical factors vary, ranging from chronic pain of any sort to use of certain prescription medications like anti-depressants.
Dr. Roberts, through careful physical evaluation and great skill in listening to details, seek to assist patients in achieving greater sexual satisfaction by dealing with those issues that impede function.

If you are struggling to find that connection you desire to have with your partner, contact us for a discreet, thorough, and professional consultation regarding sexual dysfunction.
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