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"I met Mrs.Roberts at the Birmingham Southern Women's Show and was introduced to her product.I must admit at first I was skeptical because I am sensitive in that area and she assured me this product would not irritate me. I must say I am hooked THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT!!! No irritation or nothing!!"
~ Ashley H.
"Not only is this an amazing product it last using it daily for 6 months. It is very gentle and works great. "
~ Lisa
"I have been using Dr. Roberts feminine wash for 9 months and I must say it has truly been a blessing. I'm very grateful she developed this product."
~ R. Madison
"I love Dr. Roberts feminine wash! It cleans and has a fresh scent without the irritating side effects I often get with bar soaps. Now I am just waiting on the cleansing wipes...not sure how long I can use cottenelle :-)"
~ A Jones
"Great product! Far better than any on the shelf product you can buy! I highly recommend it!"
~ Kay
"I have used feminine wash using multiple products, but never have I received wonderful results!! I love this product!! I've never felt more feminine ☺ Thank you Dr. Roberts!! ☺"
~ RT
"I am very sensitive to soaps so I tried Dr. Roberts Feminine wash. It is very mild and has a pleasant scent. The foam formula makes a little go a long way. Excellent product! I highly recommend it for others with sensitivity."
~ Eva
"Dr. Roberts' Feminine Wash was great for relieving my irritation and making me feel fresh and clean instantly."
"I absolutely LOVE this feminine wash. I am very sensitive to soaps and body washes, but the Dr. Roberts wash has set my mind at ease. The Dr. Roberts feminine wash is odourless and so gentle that I have no irritation during or after using it. I took a chance and used the feminine wash while suffering from a HORRIBLE post antibiotic yeast infection and guess what no irritation!! This is a great product and I have recommended it to all my female relatives and friends. Thanks for a great product, Dr. Roberts."
~ Wendy

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Rating: 5Gynecologist Birmingham - 5 Star Rating by Jai Jordan

Tomeka Roberts M.D. Reviewed by Jai Jordan

Dr. Roberts has always provided superior care of my women's health! She is an asset to Brookwood. Dr. Roberts will deliver a third baby for me in a few! short days and I always feel like she is honored to be a part of the process and this makes me proud to have someone like Dr. Roberts deliver my children and provide excellent care that she does!

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