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Obstetrical Care

Tomeka Roberts M.D.
Rating: 5 Obstetrical Care Birmingham - 5 Star Rating by Sydney

I am a patient of Dr. Roberts and I have been some time now. I really enjoy coming to the office. It's almost like going to visit an old friend especially since Dr. Roberts delivered all my children. I cant see me trusting my health with anyone else. Dr. Roberts and her staff are friendly and very efficient.

The time in life when you are expecting a baby is one of the best you will experience. Your doctor and our experienced staff all understand the impact of this time and, therefore, provide the utmost in care in an atmosphere that is gentle, calming, and comfortable.

Your obstetrician will confirm your pregnancy, answer all of your questions, and monitor your condition from confirmation until delivery. Creating a convenient journey through pregnancy, we offer testing to include ultrasounds right in our office. We also guarantee that our patients will deliver with a female obstetrician.

It is important to begin receiving prenatal care as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed, as certain problems may lead to complications or miscarriage. We encourage our patients to schedule their first visit within the first two months of pregnancy, so that we may:
  • Use ultrasound technology to confirm pregnancy
  • Determine a due date
  • Perform any routine evaluation or care if needed
  • Perform necessary blood work
Once we have established a due date and confirmed a healthy pregnancy, our patients are scheduled to visit us every four weeks as long as no problems arise. Monthly visits continue until 28 weeks, at which point they will increase to every two weeks. At 34 weeks, visits will increase to weekly until the time of delivery. Additionally, we can always be reached by phone should you have any questions or concerns.

Some women choose to schedule a 15th week visit wherein their baby can be screened for chromosomal disorders like Spina Bifida or Down's Syndrome. If you have questions regarding testing for such disorders, your doctor is happy to discuss them with you.

An ultrasound is typically scheduled for about week 20. This view will let us view your growing baby, and help us determine if he or she is anatomically appropriate and doing well. During this ultrasound, it will be possible to tell the sex of your baby, if you wish to know! Our practice is equipped with 3D and 4D ultrasound technology.

After about the 28th week of pregnancy, our patients will begin to come in every two weeks. This allows us to keep a close watch at the end of pregnancy and quickly catch any signs of early contractions or bleeding.

Testing for Diabetes is performed at about the 25th to 27th week.

At 37 weeks, the cervix will be checked for any changes, and a final ultrasound, during which we can verify your baby's position and size, may be performed. From this point on, visits will be weekly until you welcome your new family member.

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Rating: 5Gynecologist Birmingham - 5 Star Rating by Jai Jordan

Tomeka Roberts M.D. Reviewed by Jai Jordan

Dr. Roberts has always provided superior care of my women's health! She is an asset to Brookwood. Dr. Roberts will deliver a third baby for me in a few! short days and I always feel like she is honored to be a part of the process and this makes me proud to have someone like Dr. Roberts deliver my children and provide excellent care that she does!

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