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Menopause is the term used to describe the end of the regular menstrual cycle and fertility. A woman reaches menopause when she has gone 12 months without having a period, typically around the age of fifty. This condition is a natural progression of the aging process, not a symptom of illness. In fact, it is the years leading up to the finality of fertility that may pose the greatest challenge for a woman. During this time of fluctuating hormones, sleep may be disrupted, energy may be greatly diminished, and the body and mind may experience significant changes.

There are several factors that may bring about the process of menopause, including:
  • Natural hormonal decline, occurring as early as your early thirties. As a woman grows older, the body produces less progesterone and estrogen, the hormones responsible for menstruation and fertility. As the decline progresses, periods will lengthen or shorten, occur more or less heavy, more often or less frequently, until they cease altogether.
  • Medical treatment such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Hysterectomy which removes the uterus as well as the ovaries causes immediate menopause as reproductive hormones are no longer produced.
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency is a condition that occurs in only 1 percent of women. In such cases, menopause may be the result of an autoimmune disease or genetic factors.
It is not menopause itself that women feel anxious about, but rather the symptoms of fluctuating hormones that lead to discomfort and frustration. Women going through menopause may experience challenging symptoms such as:
  • Irregular menstruation, either heavy or very light
  • Hot flashes
  • Issues with infertility
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Increase in abdominal fat
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Mood swings
  • Decrease in breast fullness
  • Thinning hair
Menopause is an issue from which you can find relief. We encourage our patients to visit us regularly in the years during which hormones begin to fluctuate. Working together, we can find treatment that may minimize severe symptoms and promote health through this life change. Incorporating lifestyle changes or beginning hormone replacement therapy can make a world of difference.

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