What young women can expect during their first visit and examination with a gynecologist in the Homewood area

It is recommended that women have regular gynecological examinations to maintain their health and wellness. Most women begin to see a doctor for obstetrics and gynecology as soon as they become sexually active or if they have other medical concerns that need to be addressed. Annual exams are encouraged after the first exam has been done, which is recommended by the age of 21.

Many young women do not know what to expect during their first visit to a gynecologist in the Homewood community. Dr. Tomeka Roberts MD PC can help make the first exam comfortable.

Before the exam, women should not have their period, unless they are visiting due to specific concerns related to their time of menstruation. Douching should not be done within 24 hours, and condoms should be used if sexual intercourse occurs within 24 hours of the examination. Knowing the date the last period started and how long it lasted is important, and women are encouraged to write down any questions they may have so they don't forget to ask their doctor during the examination. When patients arrive in the treatment room, they will be given an examination gown to wear and a sheet to cover themselves.

When the doctor arrives in the room, she greets the patient and introduces herself. Any questions or concerns are addressed at this time before the examination begins. Patients should put their feet in the stirrups to position themselves appropriately for the Pap smear. Gloves are worn and the external genitalia is inspected. Then, a speculum is inserted to help open the vaginal wall so the doctor can view the cervix. An instrument is used to remove cells from the cervix and vaginal area, which is sent out for analysis. This procedure is called a Pap smear and it can help in detecting precancerous or cancerous cells.

After the Pap smear is done, an examination is completed. This is when the doctor will use their fingers inside of the vagina while also applying pressure to the abdomen. There is slight pressure but this allows the doctor to detect any abnormalities, areas of tenderness, or growths inside of the uterine area. Dr. Tomeka Roberts MD PC may also perform a breast examination while asking patients if they have any additional questions or concerns.

Once the exam is complete, patients are allowed to get dressed, as their appointment has concluded.

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