4D Ultrasound

Are you baby bound? It's ok to take a sneak peek at your little one before the big day!

There are so many special moments parents experience throughout pregnancy. From the first heartbeat to the first flutters of tiny hands and feet, each moment brings parents and child into a warmer, tighter bond. Historically, pregnancy monitoring has including listening to the baby's heartbeat. Today, parents can not only hear their child, they can see him or her in real time. Dr. Tomeka Roberts is incredibly happy to offer her patients this opportunity using the very latest in ultrasound technology.

Standard 2D ultrasound has given doctors and parents a slight glimpse of baby's movements and development, though images are flat. As new and improved technologies have been developed, it has become possible to view baby in 3D images. This alone can be a very exciting event. In the office of Dr. Tomeka Roberts, 4D ultrasound allows moms and dads from Birmingham and surrounding areas the opportunity to see their baby in exquisite detail; to watch a yawn or the wave of a hand as it happens

Studies indicate 3D and 4D ultrasound to be as safe as standard 2D ultrasound, with no indication of safety hazards. In fact, many parents gain reassurance through this advanced imaging due to the accuracy of details.

How ultrasound works

Ultrasound, or sonography, is imaging performed by a trained practitioner. As the ultrasound device is moved across the abdomen, which has been coated with a gel solution, it sends sound waves into the tissues of the womb. These waves create an echo when they touch tissues, which are read by the machine and transformed into images on a screen. Ultrasound has been used safely in various medical applications for many decades.

Timing for your 4D ultrasound

Ultrasound may be performed at any time during pregnancy. In fact, a standard 2D ultrasound may be performed in the first few months for the purpose of estimating due date and identifying the development of organs. The 4D ultrasound is performed for an entirely different purpose, that of viewing the finite details that make each baby unique. The greatest amount of detail can typically be seen in weeks 27 to 34, when baby is more robust and active. An experienced physician, Dr. Roberts can discuss with each patient optimal timing based on her own progression through pregnancy.

Enjoy watching your baby on a high-definition screen in the comfort of your trusted physician's office. Contact us at (205) 451-0753 for more information on 4D ultrasound in Birmingham.
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