Gynecologist in the 35209 area helps patients achieve weight loss

35209 Gynecologist - Doctor and Patient Disscusion Taking care of a woman's body includes many factors. From preventing problems, to caring for pregnancy, to helping a woman manage menopause, finding a trusted gynecologist is critical to ensuring overall health and wellness. One important factor to both reproductive and overall health is the issue of weight. Overweight women are at risk for serious health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Unfortunately, struggles with weight control are common in women. Lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise can have an impact. However, other changes can also affect the numbers on the scale. For instance, many women experience weight gain as they age and their metabolism begins to slow, also when they reach menopause due to hormonal changes in the body. Pregnancy causes rapid weight gain as the baby grows, which can leave a woman battling extra pounds well after delivery. Other medical conditions can also affect a woman's health and cause her to quickly gain or lose weight.

Dr. Tomeka Roberts understands that body image and weight control are important to overall wellness. Therefore, she and Dr. Cynthia Jones work closely with their patients to monitor weight gain and assist with weight loss if necessary. Solutions for weight loss vary greatly from patient to patient. While some patients simply need to closely monitor their diet and hit the gym, others need greater intervention.

Drs. Roberts and Jones can offer practical advice, guidance, and monitoring to help patients lose weight and get back to better overall health. For example, the doctors often suggest starting by making simple small changes to diet and lifestyle. If you hate running but set your goal to run five miles a day, you're not likely to succeed. Instead, find a walking friend or try a step aerobics class at a local gym. The doctors also suggest closely monitoring your diet, your exercise, and your lifestyle. Not only will this help you be more accountable to yourself, you'll likely notice that on days where you eat better and exercise that you feel better too. Sometimes making this connection between wellness and attitude can give you great motivation to keep going.

If you're struggling with weight, control and live in the 35209 area, talk to us. Drs. Roberts and Jones will offer you the support and guidance that you need to achieve your goals.

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Rating: 5Gynecologist Birmingham - 5 Star Rating by Jai Jordan

Tomeka Roberts M.D. Reviewed by Jai Jordan

Dr. Roberts has always provided superior care of my women's health! She is an asset to Brookwood. Dr. Roberts will deliver a third baby for me in a few! short days and I always feel like she is honored to be a part of the process and this makes me proud to have someone like Dr. Roberts deliver my children and provide excellent care that she does!

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